Diner DASH Adventures

For Diner DASH Adventures, we wanted to reinvent the DASH brand; we challenged ourselves to broaden the DASH audience by creating a more casual time management experience and a deeper meta. To accomplish this, we crafted a whimsical, humorous narrative to help us compete in a mobile market that is increasingly integrating story; we also streamlined and re-envisioned the Diner DASH gameplay and brand style.

My responsibilities included: Art Direction, collaborating with the art team to set a style that aligned with our product pillars, growing the team to include a division in Hyderabad, feedback and drawovers, animation, and working closely with our UXR and the Marketing department to create tests of art style and narrative concepts; additionally, I provided Creative Direction for the Narrative and helped write the story, dialogue, and game trailers.

  • A phone displaying the intro page to the mobile game Diner DASH Adventures.
  • A phone displaying a map page to the mobile game Diner DASH Adventures.

I  was incredibly fortunate to collaborate with Ghostbot Inc. on five Diner DASH Adventures trailers. I provided the Creative Direction and scripts for each. (All production and animation by Ghostbot Inc.)